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About our Village

We live in Santillana del Mar. Come to Santillana! It’s a wonderful village. There are a lot of tourists every year. There are hotels, restaurants, old buildings and towers. There are a lot of museums. There are art centred activities.

You can visit Velarde’s Palace, Don Borja’s Tower, the Town Hall, and you can see a church. It´s the “Colegiata”. It´s brilliant! It´s got an important cloister.


In Santillana we have a very important cave. The most important cave in the world, because of its paintings.


Jesus Otero, an important sculptor was born here. There is a museum with his name. There you can see statues.


Tourists can have traditional cakes with milk at tea time in our typical stone-paved streets.

Pupils of fifth grade.

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